Battle of the Atlantic 1939 1941 RAF Coastal Commands Hardest Fight Against the U Boats Mark Lardas Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm
Battle of the Atlantic 1942 1945 Mark Lardas The Climax of World War II Greatest Naval Campaign Fleet Air Arm Royal Navy

Battle of the Atlantic Volume 1 1939-41 or Volume 2 1942-45 By Mark Lardas

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Battle of the Atlantic 1939-41: RAF Coastal Command's Hardest Fight Against the U-Boats - At the start of World War II, few thought the U-boat would be as devastating as it proved to be. But convoys and sonar-equipped escorts proved inadequate to defend the Allies' merchantmen, and the RAF's only offensive weapon was the anti-submarine warfare (ASW) aircraft. For RAF Coastal Command, the first two years of the war were the hardest. Although starved of resources, operating with outdated aircraft and often useless weaponry, they were still the only force that could take the fight to the U-boats.

This is the David-and-Goliath story of how RAF Coastal Command battled with outdated aircraft against the deadly U-boat fleet during the crucial first years of World War II.

Battle of the Atlantic 1942-45: The Climax of WW II'S Greatest Naval Campaign - As 1942 opened, both Nazi Germany and the Allies were ready for the climactic battles of the Atlantic to begin. Germany had 91 operational U-boats, and over 150 in training or trials. Production for 1942-44 was planned to exceed 200 boats annually. Karl Dönitz, running the Kriegsmarine's U-boat arm, would finally have the numbers needed to run the tonnage war he wanted against the Allies. 

This second of these two volumes, explores the climactic events of the Battle of the Atlantic, and reveals how air power, both maritime patrol aircraft and carrier aircraft ultimately proved to be the Allies' most important weapon in one of the most bitterly fought naval campaigns of World War II.


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