View from a Jungly Cockpit 1958-2008. John Beattie Fleet Air Arm Helicopter Westlands Royal Navy Military History Rotary Aircraft Carrier

View from a Jungly Cockpit 1958-2008. Collated by John Beattie

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Marvellously colourful first hand stories about the 'Jungly' Squadrons and their missions. Often out of the limelight, the rotary wing of the FAA plays a vital role, both aggressive and supportive, ship to ship, ship to sea and ship to land. So much of what the Navy and Fleet Air Arm have achieved, and continue to achieve, is the result of the rotary wing units.

As HRH Prince Charles puts in in his introduction -

'Over the years, both in peace time and in war, the Junglies have earned an enviable reputation for 'getting the job done'; a reputation as justified in the current theatres of conflict as it was in those early days in the jungles of Borneo. This has called for qualities which we readily associate with the Junglie: determination, resourcefulness, quick thinking and courage, all of which I witnessed in abundance during my time in 845 (SQN). The other ubiquitous quality I greatly enjoyed was the Junglies' irrepressible sense of humour, examples of which are much in evidence in this book.

The book, I feel sure, only scratches the surface of the veritable mine of Jungly tales, some no doubt apocryphal, some very slightly embellished, but all definitely worthy of re-telling. I warmly commend it to you.'

Collated by (the legendary) veteran pilot John Beattie, edited by Rick Jolly and with illustrations courtesy of Lee Howard.


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